5 Reasons To Choose Vinyl For Your Window Replacement

Vinyl WindowsVinyl window replacement have a range of benefits to your property and your day-to-day family life. With so many choices of style and material available in the Greater Toronto area, it’s hard to choose which one is right for your home. Local Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton and expert home improvement companies in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Markham and Pickering endorse vinyl products as a cost-effective and energy-efficient way to enhance any building. Here we’ve listed 5 advantages of buying vinyl windows over other options:

1. Enhances appearance of property and has great durability

Vinyl has a shiny and smooth surface, and it’s flexibility allows it to be used on any window replacement. It is produced in a multitude of colors such as white, cream and brown, and it can also be purchased in a wood grain texture to suit houses. The vinyl frames and fittings are manufactured to the color you require, and this color never fades away or blisters through strong sunlight or weather conditions like other plastics. There is no need to paint the vinyl, as it’s a wipe-clean surface. Top-of-the-range installments use metal parts to secure the structure, and these will never get that yellowy-look or break. Always opt for a provider that does not use these cheap plastic pieces so you’re fittings will stay in great condition for years to come.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

In contrast to old wooden or even metal frames, vinyl makes a tight and impenetrable seal around the entire window area preventing chilly drafts throughout the year. The highly insulated structure assists in keeping homes warm air in winter and cool in summer, with minimal loss. They are able to do this without the common loosening or warping effects on the internal and external seals. For added efficiency, some providers also stock double-sealed paneling and specific installations for every replacement needed at the property. A recent development called low-E glass, boosts energy saving in the home- it reflects the heating solar rays in summer whilst still letting light enter at the same brightness. The glass also protects furniture inside the house from harmful UV rays that can fade furniture, carpets and wallpaper.

3. Minimal Maintenance Required

Vinyl is a great material that does not allow dirt to get into its smooth surface, so hardly any cleaning is required. There’s no expensive wood cleaners to buy with vinyl, a quick wipe with a damp cloth and spray leaves the surface looking like new in seconds. You can even purchase windows that tilt-in or have a swing-in sash style that permits easy cleaning of the outside glass. No more laborious sanding the surface then applying paint ever again!

4. Easy Reparation and Quick Replacement

A quality product like vinyl windows will last the property for years, but sometimes accidents happen that can’t be avoided. If the glass is accidentally smashed, there’s no need to panic about a replacement for your specific window. Every window has a unique serial number, which gives the vinyl window producers all the data they need to replace the smashed pane:
Glass type
Parts like handles and hinges can be ordered very easily, and many local branches of your retailer will have these in stock all the time to pick up. The top manufacturers should have all these features included in their product.

5. Outstanding Warranties

The majority of new vinyl windows come with impressive warranties due to their robust construction. Coverage is available in many different lengths , but whichever one you go for make sure to choose a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This special warranty completely covers the product until you have sold the property. These extensive warranties are only possible because vinyl window manufacturers know the high quality, lasting durability of them, and are proud to put their name to them.
These are just some of the great reasons for choosing vinyl windows over their wood or steel counterparts. Whichever style you choose, you can be sure that it’s a great product that will last year after year.

Basics of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl WindowsVinyl windows have a multitude of benefits over traditional wood or metal. They’re visually appealing from the outside and inside, and shine when the sun hits their glossy frames, which stay smooth and shiny for decades to come.

Vinyl or PVC is just a shorthand term for polyvinyl chloride. It is a plastic that has certain “modifiers” which allow for a greater flexibility for use in the home improvement sector and uPVC refers to vinyl that has not been pasteurized- making it extremely pure and durable – uPVC is the top material for any replacement window.

The installation of new windows gives a greater warmth and comfort factor to the property, and it also serves to reduce outdoor noise like traffic. Buyers look for properties with new, energy-efficient windows, and will pay good money for a quality window and door installation around the home in Greater Toronto area.
All vinyl window replacements are not the same and are all tailor made for your property. There are some window makers that use screws and elbow corners to keep the frame and pane together securely. All our windows and sashes are held together by the innovative technique of fusion-welding. Windows that have been fusion-welded have a superior airtight and watertight sealing, and can withstand strong winds blowing directly on them.

New double-glazed windows have cleverly designed thermal pockets, which are made when the panes are joined onto the window frame, creating an insulating layer between inside and outside. You can purchase windows that are constructed from recycled PVC quite cheaply and they still work just as effectively, but have a lesser quality. They outshine metal frames like steel or aluminum as they possess properties that do not allow heat to be lost easily to the outside. As there are gaps made where the frames extend, the window is light and has greatly enhanced energy-saving properties.

To get the window you require for your property, do some searching first and look around various companies to see what they have to offer. A good company will answer any question you have with accuracy, before they ask for your cheque book!

Modern Exterior Doors for Front Entrance

The modern world is the world of economy. Every simple thing in here has its own economic value. Various previous things are getting economic value which had no monetary or economic value in past. It means that economy and commerce of some big materials affect the value of some little materials. Market of every sector is changing. Real Estate Market is also changing rapidly. New thoughts, products are including in the architecture and interior design of buildings. Among the various materials of housing door is one of the most important things. It comes first to the exposure of visitors of the house.  And the entry door or front door reveals the choice and status of the home owner. So it should be built in a careful manner. AE_Aragon511c19ffa48aa.jpg

Modern Front Doors are multifunctional. Their primary function is that they make your entrance stylish. Again they also act as a strong security system to house. They are the best option to give your house an expensive look. And the interesting thing is that it not only provides a modern look but also can change the full shape of the house.

There is a great variety of modern front doors available in the Canadian market in the Greater Toronto area, Ontario. The technology is changing everyday and making them more stylish, beautiful and effective. For example, the techniques for framing are changed a lot. Modern framing techniques permit the glass to remain inlaid flush with the panels of door. This technique has brought some significant changes such as they allow more privacy as well as more safety. This also provides a modern look to the house. Again doors with long handles help to attain a modern look but door with many handles can ensure security in a much better way.

Many modern technologies are using to make the front door more effective. Some examples of such kind of technologies are provision of locks with marking of finger print, or a door that can scan the eye pupil of people. These technologies are making some new trends. They help to receive more security and provide a heavily modern and contemporary feeling to the house.

There have been made some discoveries which make the front door more effective and stylish. An example can be that a flush to the window panel into the doors has several advantages. It can make the door brighter and allow glass with double temper.  A provision of extra security by laser light maybe possible by such kind of discovery.

Design of modern door is changing and being more cost effective, durable, beautiful, and secure by modern technology. Discoveries are made in this field to ensure more security and privacy.

A guideline for convenient cleaning of windows

Windows CleaningCleaning windows in an effective manner is not an easy task. Many people find difficulties to perform regular cleaning activities to clean their windows decently. Here us some ideas for those people. This article contains some effective but easy tips for cleaning replacement windows to help people for cleaning their windows.

A common problem in cleaning glass of vinyl windows is remaining cloth fibers and lint on the glass. People have to wipe again and again to avoid this problem. And after re-wiping they get some other lint left on the glass. It makes the cleaning process lengthy and disgusting. There is a simple solution for this problem. To get remedy from this common problem there are some special cloth. Among them cloth of microfiber is the best for both domestic and commercial purpose. If you use such type of cloth there will be no lint on your windows after wiping it.

Many homeowners need time to clean windows and doors as they clean in an unskilled way. Professional cleaner are away from this problem as they have some important and functional tool for this job. But it is not affordable to every homeowner to clean their windows by professional cleaner. Home-owners who want to clean their windows by their own need some effective tools. But the homeowner who doesn’t own proper tool they may use a wet cloth at first. And then some crumbled up old newspapers or papers to make dry the windows.

Homeowner should use same squeegee head for every window. Windows are of different sizes in house. An appropriate squeegee head size is suitable for a large window definitely don’t perform well to a small window. But the thing is that the cleaner should be careful enough to change the size of head, they should not be extremely large or extremely small.

Another convenient and effective tool for cleaning windows is razor blade. Some dirt is splattered on to glass of the windows and is not easy to clean. For example dirt of bird gets splattered and difficult to remove from windows. This type of dirt cannot be cleaned by only wiping the glass. A razor blade performs well in such kind of situation and don’t require much labor. But care should be taken to clean windows using razor blade as they can put a scratch on your windows which cannot be easily removed. . This mark hampers the beauty of windows. Again this blade should be kept away from the children to ensure safety.

To keep your house beautiful and healthy it is important to keep clean your windows. The above tips will help to clean windows in an effective manner without excessive labor and cost.

How to Safely Fit Replacement Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have only recently been considered the best option for window replacements. The construction industry has advanced and developed new, more efficient materials for windows than the traditional wooden frames.

Vinyl windows have multiple benefits – they greatly excel over their metal and wooden counterparts for home installations. Metals commonly used for windows, such as aluminum and steel, are excellent heat conductors. This property may be useful in other areas of construction, but obviously not very good for trapping heat inside the home.   What are bay windows

Vinyl on the other hand acts as an insulator, and is extremely energy efficient for window frames. This is due to the fact they’re manufactured with an air pocket in their centre, which insulates the building. It is made up of various internal sections that serve the dual purpose of trapping air and enhancing the strength of the structure. Vinyl is also perfectly designed for allowing hardly any air to pass between the gaps, and this is a major aspect to consider when trying to insulate your home.

Installation of the windows- although it may appear daunting, vinyl window fitting is not as complex as it may seem. It can be a one-man job just by following the basic instructions, along with the correct equipment and materials to hand.

1. Before you even order your windows, the first important step to consider is getting an accurate and precise measurement of your existing windows. Replacement vinyl windows are bespoke designed for your window opening, and if they don’t fit (due to mis-measurement) then there’s no taking them back. Vitally important are the jamb to jamb measurements from all three areas- bottom, top and middle sections of the old window. No two windows in your property are the same size, so be sure to get careful measurements for each one individually.

2. Remove the existing window frame which should have inner and outer stops. Remove the inner one first, and the outer one second.

3. Place the new vinyl window into the space where the old one was. You are looking for a snug fit here, with minimal space around the edges if you measured properly. However, if there are some spaces at the sides, then just fill these with an adequate amount of filler to prevent air escaping from the installment.

4. Once the window has been fit securely into place, you should try to open it gently to check if everything is functioning correctly. It may be a little stiff the first time, so be careful as you do this- everything may not be fully secured.

5. When you’re satisfied that it’s all functioning properly, you can begin to make it a solid fixture by inserting the screws. They should be placed in parts of the window that will not be visible from the inside or outside, and definitely should not poke out of the vinyl.

Always take the necessary safety precautions when doing the window installation yourself or as a team. You need the right clothing to protect you if the glass smashes or if the window falls from a height. Having said this, replacing an old window with a vinyl one is usually a straightforward process when you follow given instructions.

Toronto exterior doors.

Entance System with the Design AlysYour home exterior doors in Greater Toronto area can come in a variety of shapes, color and style. It is more challenging when selecting the right door for your home especially when you don’t know exactly taste for your preferred home. Doors are made out of a different materials but the most commonly found today is metal, wood, fiberglass and vinyl exterior doors. In addition to insulation that exterior doors have, they also add curb appeal to your home making it beautiful and attractive. Addition of new doors to your home is a great way of remodeling your home without having to spend a lot in labor and material.

Wood doors.

This is the oldest type of doors that existed. The benefits of this door are that they can be painted in any color that you want a match with your home. They give your home a classy look and they are easy to install. However, depending on the climate of your locality wood doors may not be your 1st choice. Wood doors have a tendency of swelling or warping when subjected to humid or very hot environment thus calling for more repair. This makes them inappropriate for this type of environment.

Steel metal doors.

Steel is preferred for exterior doors due to its durability, security, and dependability. These types of doors are more common in environments with rougher weather conditions such as tornadoes or hurricane because they are built to withstand harsh conditions. These doors are designed in a manner that makes them hard to customize and paint but they standout as the best choice for exterior door due to its properties.


Fiberglass doors have gained popularity of late because of their great appeal as well as the several benefits it provides to the home owner. This door is up to three times stronger and durable as compared to wooden traditional door, providing home with more security. You can paint fiberglass doors with any color which make it appropriate to match with the interior color of your home. Manufacturers have advanced their skills in making fiberglass doors that are nearly identical with wooden door with the wood grain feeling right there on the door itself. These features make fiberglass the most expensive type of door.

Vinyl doors.

Vinyl exterior door has popularity as the best choice for modern exterior doors. Once this door is installed it has the ability to give your home lasting value and is efficient in energy utilization. However, this door cannot be easily painted as fiberglass, wooden door and steel door. These doors are more reliable to persons who don’t have the intention of changing their door colors any time soon. This saves cost of having to paint them in the near future.GTA windows and doors are well known for their vast experience in manufacturing all types of door for your home. Their experience has been gained by installing external doors in San Diego for close to three decades. Come on and visit our showroom and have a look at new exterior doors designs that are yet to come out.

Choosing Wood or Vinyl Windows

Vinyl Windows

Compared to wooden windows, vinyl windows need less maintenance and are not as expensive. If you insulate these windows properly, the home will have good sound and thermal resistance. In addition, no painting is necessary on vinyl windows because they are resistant to moisture. Today, most people prefer vinyl windows for their window replacement needs. Even for remodels and new homes, vinyl windows are the most popular choice.

As with other types of windows, vinyl windows require some cleaning. It is also necessary for the homeowner to lubricate the hinges of the window; if not the hinges may stick. Although some manufacturers are coming with a variety of colors, vinyl window colors are usually restricted to tan, white and bronze. If you are in an old house, you wouldn’t want to use vinyl windows, simply because these windows may not go well with the decor; it is not easy to repaint them.

Wooden windows

If you want some warmth and completeness in the room, use wood windows. Regardless of the room theme, a wood window adds the elusive sense of elegance. In addition, you can paint wood windows in any colour. Therefore, these windows are suitable for any kind of room decor. Aesthetics aside, wood windows are good for reduced condensation and better insulation in the room. Furthermore, you can add weather stripping to the installed wood windows to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Wood windows are also good for sound insulation. And if you are passionate about environmental conservation, using renewable wood for your windows is a wonderful idea. Considering that wooden windows have been in use for centuries, your window will last long if you take good care of it.

A clear disadvantage of wood is the need to paint it. Window treatments are also necessary if the wood is to be free from rotting. Ignoring regular maintenance is a gateway to window wearing and rotting. Additionally, moisture may cause the window to swell up and warp. You wouldn’t want a window that warps and is difficult to open and close henceforth.

Balancing Between Wood and Vinyl

The debate about which between wood and vinyl is better for the window is endless in Toronto Home Improvement projects. As a compromise, you may opt for vinyl clad windows which combines the best of both worlds. Wood is on the inside of the window while vinyl is on the outside for easy maintenance. When you are choosing a window for your home, such are the factors to consider. While the decision depends on the needs and situation of the homeowner, looking for professional help cannot be overemphasized. This way you will always settle for the most suited window type.

Neverending Discussion – French Patio or Sliding Glass Doors At Home

If you are looking to add style and appeal to your home, replacement patio doors are the in-thing. Worldwide, the patio area is popular for unwinding, family gatherings, or social events. On top of being a entrance to the patio area, patio doors are an important part of the overall home look. You will find modern patio doors in many styles, materials and colors. Therefore, choosing the right door for your patio area goes beyond the aspect of style, no matter in Oakville or Brampton, Mississauga or Thornhill, Richmond Hill or Markham or Pickering areas. Sliding patio door

Talking of style, sliding glass patio doors are the most popular with homeowners in Greater Toronto area. By merely sliding, these doors are good for creation of space, especially in small areas such as the kitchen. For those who are looking for added elegance and value in the home, sliding glass patio doors will never disappoint. Apart from being an enlarged window, these doors are largely maintenance-free. All you need is to ensure the sliding track is free from debris. Does your home have a sort of private fenced-in yard? A sliding glass door would be the best option for added privacy.

French style patio doors have also grown in popularity in recent years. This door has lights or multiple windows on the entire length. Usually, designers insert individual glass pieces into an embedded grille. A major difference from patio doors is that this type swings on a hinge instead of sliding. You could also get two swinging doors, better known as double French door. The double French door allows for more opening area than both the sliding glass door and single French door.

The replacement for patio door presents the owner with a huge variety of style options. Apart from style, other factors you might consider are the overall home theme, need for pet access, cost of installation, and prevailing weather conditions. For instance, the weather in Aurora or Ajax or Woodbridge in Ontario is not that harsh so patio doors here could be slightly different from those in another province. If you have decided to replace your patio doors, seek advice from a local retailer on the best style and material. A project of this magnitude calls for some bit of research.

Why Choose New Vinyl Windows in Toronto

Vinyl WindowsInstalling new windows is one of the best ways of enhancing the style and value of a home. Whether for a new home or remodel, vinyl windows are a popular choice for many homeowners. Compared with aluminum and wooden windows, PVC windows have several advantages. For a favorable cost, vinyl windows conserve energy and improve the appearance of a home.
Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is the material designers use to make vinyl windows. PVC is also used to make all plastics including electrical and plumbing pipes. Due to its durability and strength, PVC is used in many projects across the world. Although there were issues regarding the effects of this material to the environment, most of the issues have now been solved.
You will realize that one of the advantages of replacement vinyl windows is reduction of heating and electrical costs. In the long-run, these windows will save you many dollars. This is due to the ability of these windows to keep the room cool in summer and warm in winter. Since these windows have insulation, your room will have more stable temperatures.
If you are looking to add value to your home, you could try new windows. With installation of new windows, you could multiply the value of the home over time. The Canadian government is even in plans to offer incentives for vinyl windows. This is all in an effort to encourage people to switch to vinyl windows.
These modern-looking windows are available in many sizes and shapes, and are customizable to any needs. As a result, vinyl windows are popular for both new projects and home remodels. In addition, vinyl windows are not expensive.
If you are looking for new windows for your house make-over, consider the many benefits of vinyl custom windows. You will enjoy many advantages including an improved home look, reduced energy costs, and a more comfort in the rooms. Looking at all these factors, vinyl windows are better than conventional varieties made from aluminum and wood.

Reducing Heat Loss in the House

Have you ever considered the amount of heat lost through your inefficient window? If you are on an old window, you could be losing as much as 25% of the heat at home. Therefore, installing new windows could be all you need to curtail energy losses.
The design of windows for home efficiency has come a long way. Today, the most energy efficient windows include triple-glazed, double-glazed and LOW-E (low emissivity) windows. It is important to replace the old slider style window with a casement brings with it an air-tight seal.
Condensation is also very important when considering replacement windows. As soon as you discover condensation, you should address the problem. This is important to prevent the formation and spread of mould. You will also note that condensation is mostly related to windows that are not energy-efficient. With an energy star rated window, your home is safe from condensation and other effects of high humidity levels.
Do you have any questions on doors and windows replacement and repair? GTA Windows and Doors have all the answers you are looking for. To get the most comprehensive free consultation on doors and windows, reach us on 416-638-8300