Choosing Wood or Vinyl Windows

Windows Replacement and Installation

Vinyl Windows

Compared to wooden windows, vinyl windows need less maintenance and are not as expensive. If you insulate these windows properly, the home will have good sound and thermal resistance. In addition, no painting is necessary on vinyl windows because they are resistant to moisture. Today, most people prefer vinyl windows for their window replacement needs. Even for remodels and new homes, vinyl windows are the most popular choice.

As with other types of windows, vinyl windows require some cleaning. It is also necessary for the homeowner to lubricate the hinges of the window; if not the hinges may stick. Although some manufacturers are coming with a variety of colors, vinyl window colors are usually restricted to tan, white and bronze. If you are in an old house, you wouldn’t want to use vinyl windows, simply because these windows may not go well with the decor; it is not easy to repaint them.

Wooden windows

If you want some warmth and completeness in the room, use wood windows. Regardless of the room theme, a wood window adds the elusive sense of elegance. In addition, you can paint wood windows in any colour. Therefore, these windows are suitable for any kind of room decor. Aesthetics aside, wood windows are good for reduced condensation and better insulation in the room. Furthermore, you can add weather stripping to the installed wood windows to protect them from harsh weather conditions. Wood windows are also good for sound insulation. And if you are passionate about environmental conservation, using renewable wood for your windows is a wonderful idea. Considering that wooden windows have been in use for centuries, your window will last long if you take good care of it.

A clear disadvantage of wood is the need to paint it. Window treatments are also necessary if the wood is to be free from rotting. Ignoring regular maintenance is a gateway to window wearing and rotting. Additionally, moisture may cause the window to swell up and warp. You wouldn’t want a window that warps and is difficult to open and close henceforth.

Balancing Between Wood and Vinyl

The debate about which between wood and vinyl is better for the window is endless in Toronto Home Improvement projects. As a compromise, you may opt for vinyl clad windows which combines the best of both worlds. Wood is on the inside of the window while vinyl is on the outside for easy maintenance. When you are choosing a window for your home, such are the factors to consider. While the decision depends on the needs and situation of the homeowner, looking for professional help cannot be overemphasized. This way you will always settle for the most suited window type.