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When it comes to replacement windows, you can feel a bit overwhelmed at the options. Even deciding whether you even need to replace them or if they can just be repaired can be a stressful choice without the right information. There are many things to consider when you begin to think about replacing your windows, many of which we will cover here. The experienced team at GTA Windows can help by answering all your questions, helping to alleviate some of the stress from this decision.
Replacement windows are also called retrofit windows. This is because the windows are being fit into an existing space where the siding and other exterior materials of the house do not have to be removed. When choosing which windows to get, things can get a bit confusing. There are different options depending on the outer materials of the building, how big the window is, and how much space is available on the outside of the building. To help clear some of these considerations up, read the list below of things you should think about when it comes time to look for new windows.

Questions about Replacement Windows in Mississauga

Sash or frame warped, damaged, or shattered?

These things can happen in many different ways, and really none of them are as important as knowing that it’s time to replace your windows. While in many of these cases the frames can be repaired, often the cost is similar to replacement. Opting to replace the windows can save you more money in the long run. In addition to this, replacing your windows in these instances can help keep out unwanted pests who can slip through the cracks of older damaged windows.

Has your energy bill increased?

An increase in your energy bill when your energy usage hasn’t changed is a good indication that your windows are no longer working at their peak efficiency. They are no longer able to trap warm or cool air (dependent on the season), which causes your heating and cooling system to work harder. This can cause significant increases in your energy bill by up to 25%! Replacing your windows will help to reduce your energy bill. Also, even when you haven’t seen an increase in your bill, replacing your windows can reduce your current bill. Energy efficient windows can help to trap air of the right temperature, leading to a reduced energy bill.

Has the appearance dulled?

If your windows no longer seem to be clean, but instead have a dulled, yellowish cast to them, it’s a good time to think about replacing them. The dull appearance is an indication that the windows have grown old and will no longer be working at their peak levels. If you haven’t noticed the changes in your energy bill yet, you likely will soon. By replacing them, you can improve their appearance, giving you much more pleasure when looking outside.

Do you live in a noisy neighbourhood?

By replacing your windows, you can opt for noise reducing models, giving you a much quieter space inside your home. This is especially good when you have family members who are noise sensitive, or if your neighbourhood is in a very busy area. When dealing with businesses, you can improve the productivity of the business as a whole when there are fewer distractions from outside noise leaking in through your windows. On the whole, having a quieter space can improve the overall experience, no matter what the building.

Obstructions outside your windows?

When you moved in, you may have had, or planted, trees or shrubs around your house that have now grown much taller. They provide shade and privacy, but opening some windows can be difficult, if not impossible. By replacing your windows, you can opt for models that slide rather than opening outward, giving you the ability to open them once again without having to cut down your trees. This adds to your enjoyment of the trees once again, and improves the air flow in your space.

Want to improve the appearance of your house?

Older windows can be in pretty rough shape. By replacing your windows, you can improve the appearance of your entire house, and thus increase its market value in the process. If you are looking at selling your house, consider replacing older windows before listing it. Also, if you replace the windows, you get the added benefit of being able to consider things like how much noise is acceptable from the street and how much security you need, as mentioned above and below. 

Do you need to enhance security?

If you live in an area where crime is higher, or if you have security concerns, you can have your windows replaced with enhanced models that contain reinforced glass. This would keep you and your valuables more secure. This can improve your peace of mind, which is highly important. If you are replacing windows on a business or industrial building, the security of the windows is just as important, giving you a better chance of keeping your inventory safe.

Are you renovating your home?

When you are doing renovations, you have many more possibilities. You can easily change window sizes and styles, making it easier to choose what look you want your finished building to have. All of the above things aside, a renovation gives you the chance to have fun with your windows, creating a house that fits your personal style better.
Replacement Windows & Doors in Mississauga
As we can see, there are many things to consider when you begin to think about replacing your windows. This list is far from exhaustive, but gives you a good base from which to start your search for the right windows. From your energy bill, to the tasks you want your windows to perform, there are options for you. Take the time to ensure you get the right models for what you are looking for and you will be sure to have windows that keep you happy for a long time to come. 


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