Toronto exterior doors.

Entance System with the Design AlysYour home exterior doors in Greater Toronto area can come in a variety of shapes, color and style. It is more challenging when selecting the right door for your home especially when you don’t know exactly taste for your preferred home. Doors are made out of a different materials but the most commonly found today is metal, wood, fiberglass and vinyl exterior doors. In addition to insulation that exterior doors have, they also add curb appeal to your home making it beautiful and attractive. Addition of new doors to your home is a great way of remodeling your home without having to spend a lot in labor and material.

Wood doors.

This is the oldest type of doors that existed. The benefits of this door are that they can be painted in any color that you want a match with your home. They give your home a classy look and they are easy to install. However, depending on the climate of your locality wood doors may not be your 1st choice. Wood doors have a tendency of swelling or warping when subjected to humid or very hot environment thus calling for more repair. This makes them inappropriate for this type of environment.

Steel metal doors.

Steel is preferred for exterior doors due to its durability, security, and dependability. These types of doors are more common in environments with rougher weather conditions such as tornadoes or hurricane because they are built to withstand harsh conditions. These doors are designed in a manner that makes them hard to customize and paint but they standout as the best choice for exterior door due to its properties.


Fiberglass doors have gained popularity of late because of their great appeal as well as the several benefits it provides to the home owner. This door is up to three times stronger and durable as compared to wooden traditional door, providing home with more security. You can paint fiberglass doors with any color which make it appropriate to match with the interior color of your home. Manufacturers have advanced their skills in making fiberglass doors that are nearly identical with wooden door with the wood grain feeling right there on the door itself. These features make fiberglass the most expensive type of door.

Vinyl doors.

Vinyl exterior door has popularity as the best choice for modern exterior doors. Once this door is installed it has the ability to give your home lasting value and is efficient in energy utilization. However, this door cannot be easily painted as fiberglass, wooden door and steel door. These doors are more reliable to persons who don’t have the intention of changing their door colors any time soon. This saves cost of having to paint them in the near future.GTA windows and doors are well known for their vast experience in manufacturing all types of door for your home. Their experience has been gained by installing external doors in San Diego for close to three decades. Come on and visit our showroom and have a look at new exterior doors designs that are yet to come out.