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Add a new dimension to your home and transform any room into an indoor garden with a custom-designed Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium from GTA Windows and Doors. The windows and mini-solariums project out form the room to capture the light and bathe the room with sunlight a source for passive solar energy. They a’re economical and built to last. With Greenhouse Windows we will create garden in your home: tropical plants and flowers thrive in this greenhouse environment. Imagine lush greenery and the rich fragrances of exotic flowers all year long. Selecting the right window for you greenhouse is very important as they play a huge role in energy management. If the right material is not chosen or if the window is not constructed properly, all your efforts in constructing and maintaining a greenhouse will be a complete waste. Gaps between the frames will not only let the heat out but will also let in cold winter air that will kill your plants. It is therefore imperative that you fit the windows with utmost care to optimize resources and maintain a comfortable environment for your plants.

Greenhouse Windows For Your Home

Greenhouse Windows and Mini-Solariums from GTA Windows and Doors are engineered to be energy efficient. The fusion welded frames, in combination with weather seals, double-glazing and an insulated base will keep out the cold winter winds. In the summer, the top venting windows open wide to provide a cooling breeze. Easy to install Greenhouse Windows and Mini-Solariums are easy to install. There’s no mess, no fuss, they’re custom made to fit right into your existing window frames. Whether you replace an existing window, or want to add space to your home, your Greenhouse Window or Mini-Solarium will enhance the beauty and the value of your home.

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